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Checklist of holiday with less waste!
☑ Reduce plastic
☑ Use reusable container
☑ Separate the waste correctly
  • Zero-waste soap bar for earth

    Just cut as much as you need and put it in your bag! Get ready for a rewarding vacation to practice zero-waste!

    Rosemary Scalp Scaling Shampoo Bar
    Rosemay Hair Thickening Conditioning Bar
    Tea Tree Blancing Cleansing Bar

    20% OFF$21.00$16.80

    Rosemary Freckled Dishwash Bar

    30% OFF$12.00$8.40

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  • NO disposable products! Anytime, Anywhere with a small and light wooden body.

    What a waste of a brush and toothbrush to throw away once! Reduce use of disposable products.

    Wooden Scalp Brush M

    10% OFF$29.00$26.10

    Wooden Scalp Brush S

    10% OFF$11.00$9.90

    AROMATICA Bamboo Toothbrush Duo

    10% OFF$7.00$6.30

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  • Use as much as you need with a refill. Affordable consumption.

    If you have all-in-one wash and lotion, all of cleansing & moisturizing. A choice for minimalism that will ease your heavy travel baggage!

    Vitalizing Rosemary All-in-one Wash Refill 500ml

    30% OFF$31.00$21.70

    Vitalizing Rosemary All-in-one Lotion Refill 500ml

    30% OFF$40.00$28.00

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  • Use as much as you need with a refill. Affordable consumption.

    Dishwasher detergent that can be safely washed and used from dishes to fruits and vegetables!

    Pureness Dish Soap Refill 500ml

    30% OFF$14.00$9.80

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The excitement of travel,
Less plastic in practice by using reusable containers

  • light but sturdy
    stylish reusable bag

    than using single-use plastic bags.
    Put it in a reusable hemp bag and practice a zero waste lifestyle.

    AROMATICA Zero Waste Hemp Shoulder Bag


    AROMATICA Zero Waste Hemp Bucket Bag


    Hemp Bucket Bag Free! For+ with the purchase selected items/ the first 100 people

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  • The fun of travel is that even a little inconvenience is fun!

    No need to carry a lot of luggage
    No Wash Tea Tree Cleansing Water all in one!

    TIP! After purchasing a refill, use only the required amount in an empty bottle!

    Tea tree Pore Purifying Cleansing Water
    1% Niacinamide + 0.5% BHA

    20% OFF$31.00$25.00

    Tea tree Pore Purifying Cleansing Water Refill

    30% OFF$29.00$20.00

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Zero waste life tips
for campers and car parkers!

  • Zero waste soap bar for the planet

    After a happy meal, you can easily start washing dishes right away with the dishwashing detergent that you cut enough to use.

    Rosemary Freckled Dishwash Bar

    30% OFF$12.00$8.40

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  • Washing dishes without water? Sanitizer for the Earth

    There are no leftovers for a delicious meal-
    The sense of washing dishes first with a dishcloth, and then taking the leftover food home to wash the dishes after wiping them with essential sanitizer.✌

    Essential Sanitizer 2types
    (Peppermint & Lemon, Grapefruit & Tangerine)

    15% OFF$20.00$17.00

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Using reusable products

Through this process, the function of Essential Oil works more effectively, and this is called synergy (co-rising effect).

AROMATICA Synergy Oil offers an experience of maximized aromatherapy effect with therapy-grade essential oil and blending recipe developed by a professional aromatherapist.

    Synergy Oil 3 types
    (sleep tight, meditate, unburden)

    15% OFF


    Synergy Oil 2 types
    (protecting, centralizing)

    15% OFF

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We support your effort towards the Zero Waste Challenge.

  • for $70+ order (with the purchase selected items)

    A hemp bucket bag
    that is used instead of a disposable bag

    (a $12 value/*the first 100 people)
    the first
    100 people
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We hope that you will be happy trip with the joy of practicing ZERO waste